Thursday, 15 December 2011

North West Frontier

The figures in these photo's are mostly Foundry with a few Perry figures from their Sudan range.
When I took these photo's the terrain was rather green, future NWF and Sudan photo's will be on  more appropriate looking terrain that I have already made.

Some of these figures were painted using Army Painter (Afghan's and Guides). I have used the black undercoat method of painting figures for many years and then when AP came on the market I experimented with this for a while. It gives a reasonable result in a very fast time, which was great for reducing the lead mountain. I gave up with AP in the end though as I found the contents in the tin went off after a few times of using and this makes it very expensive to use.

I have stayed with the white undercoat when painting figures but now use washes over a base coat and then highlight up from there.  

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