Monday, 19 December 2011

Perry's ACW

When Perry Miniatures first brought their plastic ACW range out, I purchased a box each of their Cavalry and Infantry. I thought this would be ideal with 12 mounted figures and 36 infantry figures to split the contents and have enough figures for small skirmish type games representing both the North and South. With these plastic figures it gives you the opportunity to try a new period and not break the bank, box sets costing £18 but you can pick these up at the shows for £15 a box. I have the dismounted cavalry and horse holders to paint up at some point in the future and will definitely add to this collection with all the new stuff the Perry's have added to the ACW range.    

You can see in the last two pictures that by using a little green stuff (plastic putty), it is fairly easy to convert the figures and give them more of that campaign look with rips in their clothing, beards etc. The Infantry box set also has quite a few marching figures (see above), so some of these were converted slightly to make them more useful for skirmish type games.
I was planning on posting pictures of my WW2 collection but as I am unable to find the pictures of these I will take some new photo's and post these in the New Year.
So, next batch of pictures to post will either be Napoleonic or War of the Roses.    


  1. Pat, your ACW figs look great. I would love to see more! Who made the CSA flags you are using? They are great! I'm using cheap flags and need to upgrade. My email: franklin1864 at gmail dot com

    Thanks! Cory

    1. Thanks Cory.
      The flags come with the Perry box sets for their plastic figures. I PVA one half of the flag and wrap around the pole. Let the flag semi dry for 10 minutes and then wrap the flag around several handles of your paint brushes to give it that blowing in the wind look. When completely dry, paint around the edge of the flag with a thinned down paint, either in the appropriate colour or black, to get rid of those white edges.
      I have some dismounted cavalry and horse holders primed and ready to go but they have been in the queue for a little while now. I will be purchasing the new confederate Perry plastic box set at Salute in April, so this will spur me on to get these done I think.


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